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Sophia School, Ajmer established in 1919, is managed by the Mission Sisters of Ajmer (MSA), members of a Religious Indian Congregation which belongs to the Christian Religious Minority Community governed by Article 30(i) of the Indian Constitution. The Sisters have dedicated their lives to God and humanity to render devoted service in the Educational field

Admission is open to all girls irrespective of religion, cast or community but preference is given to Catholic students.

The aim of the Institution is to give Indian girls the benefit of a refined education on modern lines, with facilities both for study and domestic training. A sound moral training is imparted to them together with useful knowledge and accomplishment adapted to their age and social standing. Pupils are under the beneficial influence and supervision of Sisters. They are trained to acquire self-reliance and become unselfish, conscientious women committed to God and country. The Staff spare no efforts to create a congenial and happy environment for their pupils. They provide every facility to develop their individual abilities.

Pope Pius X. The head of the Catholic Church in Rome gave permission for the opening of the Mission Sisters of Ajmer.

Father Founder and Collaborator at a glance.

Mission Sisters of Ajmer reaching out.

St. Francis of Assisi.

Father of the Franciscan order.

Patron Saint of Ecology.

Works in India.

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