Meer Shah Ali, Jaipur Road, Ajmer – 305 001
CBSE Affiliation No.: 1730127, School Code: 10383
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Dear Readers,

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”. - Zig Ziglar.

The academic year 2022-23, has begun despite all odds ,fear and confusion. The COVID 19, has implanted its effects in our lives ,both positive and negative. The entire universe has travelled through this negative phase and has positively come out through the tunnel of doubt and perplexity.

Although we settle ourselves now to what we term as ‘normal’, yet its not what we used to believe as normal. The phase has taught us to live a life that’s total ‘U turn’. Our life style , our eating habits, our sense of hygiene, our very thoughts ,our mode of finances- employment has all changed and changed for the good. We have learnt to be more inclined to strengthen our relationships, treasure our families and also develop a strong will to be healthy. Eating healthy food, daily exercises and regular check-ups has taken a priority in our life.

The Government Authorities, the Education Boards, Hospitals, Food joints are all geared towards protecting and securing our life and health. The human life now surpasses the race for money and comfort. Every where and anywhere we go we are reminded ‘Be Healthy and Stay Fit’.

Preserving life and relationship is now at the forefront. Therefore parents while seeking admission in school tracks out which school would help her to become a person of integrity and values. It’s an all-round development of heart, mind and soul where emphasis is given not only to academic excellence but a person with humane characteristics. This thought process is also what the CBSE is creating. Special attention to Art Integrated teaching and learning – where a child goes beyond book learning, a child learns through application of knowledge henceforth improving her learning skills.

We at Sophia too are on the same wave length. A child in school is given a multi-faceted environment to choose activities according to her interest.

Sports where special coaching is given and the child excels in her motor skills.

Art / Music where besides learning drawing , craft and singing, the child develops her aesthetic skills.

NCC where the child is taught to be disciplined, kindling in her the spark towards patriotism and selfless service.

There are also other areas where the child goes beyond the boundaries of only studying academics . Enrolling herself in the various Clubs, participating in the Co-curricular activities, experiencing another space in the field of Computers, learning to develop a spirit of service towards society and nurturing leadership qualities.

The wellbeing of every student is our concern. We thank you parents for placing your trust in us.

Sr. Arlene

Meer Shah Ali, Jaipur Road, Ajmer – 305 001

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