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Principal's Message

Dear Readers,

The academic year 2020-21, has ushered in a sudden change in our life style, our very mode of living and thinking. This has brought about a hurricane, where we find ourselves in a whirlpool, being taken up into another sphere and forcing us to change, 'come what may be'.

The COVID 19, with its deadly virus, has taken hold of many lives including us, bringing us down to our knees, as we witness with fear and tremble at the sad plight of our near and dear ones being affected, hospitals being packed with patients struggling and gasping for life and breathe. The doctors and nurses, working round the clock, a workload of 24x7, to keep away the dreaded disease and seeing to the wellbeing of the patients under their care. Those at the research and diagnostic centres are searching out ways and means to get the right vaccine, to stop the spread of this virus. The police department too has put in incessant efforts, restricting people from gathering into crowds, and making them adhere to the rules of safe distance and safe living. High alerts are regularly flashed on every channel and all mass media to keep safe and healthy, The NGO's, private associations are paving ways and means to educate and update the public to create an environment for safety.


Sister Arlene

The worst affected are the schools, which have been forced to take another turn in shutting themselves from their only and most treasured possessions, "Their Beloved Students". It is heart breaking to see the school management forbidding students to attend school. Not being able to see their students be deprived of education, the teachers are called upon to update themselves and provide online teaching to the students. A big sacrifice, on the part of the teachers, who are unable to teach and interact with their students physically, but they have taken up the challenge and beautifully adapted to the alternative, mode of distant teaching by bringing classroom environment at home. Teachers have lent their homes and disclosed their home privacy spending most of the day in bringing to life their respective subjects, to customise information and to better learning for their students.

What better sacrifice can a teacher render to her child, if not able to create an atmosphere where the child feels free to interact with her/his teacher and companions in class? Yes, it's been a long struggle on the part of the teacher to create a friendly atmosphere for better teaching and on the other side for the child to adapt to this new method of learning which till date is alien and strange. This is the only way to facilitate learning for our students in these tough times.

We urge the parents, well wishers and benefactors to support this method or rather I must say, accept this new normal way of life for our students willingly and positively which would help each one of us in our own way to conquer this pandemic and CERTAINLY WE WILL with a SMILE and FAITH in the Divine Creator who Loves and strengthens us as we pass through this phase of life.

We pray the good Lord, to envelope us in His Divine protection as we travel through this phase and take this challenge of ridding the fears of this pandemic.

God Bless You
Sr. Arlene

Copyright 2020, Sophia Senior Secondary School, Ajmer

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