Annual English Debate 2023

SSPARKS – The English Literary Club at Sophia Senior Secondary School, Ajmer has organized their much-anticipated  “Annual English Debate Competition 2023”.

The event showcased thought-provoking experience, with participants engaging in riveting discussions on the topic “Fairytales Should Be Re-Told in Our Times.” Students from classes IX -XII took part in this competition and made it a spectacle of wit and wisdom. This annual tradition not only fosters critical thinking and public speaking skills but also brings together the school’s brightest minds in a battle of words and ideas.

Results of Annual English Debate 2023


Individual Position 
Position Student’s Name 
1ST POSITION Rajnandini Chauhan 
2ND POSITION Aastha Yadav 
3RD POSITION Achint Soni 

Interjector Position 

Position Student’s Name 
1ST POSITION Tanvi Kumawat 
2ND POSITION Ritigya Sengar

Team Position 

Team Name Student’s Name 
1ST POSITION (TEAM C)Aastha  Yadav 
Rajnandini Chauhan
Ritigya Sengar 
2ND POSITION (TEAM B)Titiksha Singh 
Achint Soni 
Tanvi Kumawat
3RD POSITION (TEAM A ) Eudora Benjamin 
Toshani Chouhan 
Anvi Singh 

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