Festive Delight: Christmas Celebration

The school was transformed into a winter wonderland as students and staff came together to celebrate Christmas with joy and enthusiasm. The festivities began with a small prayer service, where heartfelt petitions were made, asking for love, joy, and peace to fill the hearts of everyone.

The school hall resonated with the harmonious melodies of the choir as they sang carols, creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and festive spirit. The enchanting voices of the choir members echoed and adding to the charm of the event, the primary students showcased their talent with a vibrant dance performance capturing the essence of the season.

As the anticipation reached its peak, the highlight of the event was the arrival of the Santa Claus. Dressed in his iconic red suit, Santa spread love and laughter as he distributed toffees bringing smiles to the faces of both students and teachers alike.

The Christmas celebration was a joyous occasion that brought the school community together. The combination of prayers, carols, dances, and Santa’s visit created cherished memories and strengthened the bonds among students and staff.

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