Girl Child Day (Fancy Dress Competition)

On 8 th of September we celebrated Girl Child Day with our little students. First we had a special assembly where we told students about the importance of this day. Then we conducted a competition among the classes Nursery, LKG and HKG, where they dressed up as Female Personalities and said few lines of introduction.

Girl Child Day Competition

CLASS Nursery

1st Drishti Bulani
2nd Nirvi Jain


1 ST Meera Chintan Shah LKG A
1st Aliza Fatima Chishty LKG D
2nd Tanaya Sharma LKG A


1st P.B Garwal Gautami HKG B
2nd Ater Michelle Vaz HKG A
3rd Ayezah Aslam HKG D

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