Grand Celebration Marks Principal Sr Arlene’s Birthday at Hotel Bravia Pearl Panchsheel

It was a night of joy and jubilation on the occasion of birthday and feast of Sr Arlene, Principal of Sophia Sr Sec School Ajmer. The luxurious setting of Hotel Bravia Pearl Panchsheel came alive with laughter and festivities as teachers and staff gathered to honor Sister Arlene on her special day. The event was a testament to the deep admiration and respect the school community has for their beloved Principal.
The highlight of the evening was mesmerizing dance performances put on by the school’s talented teachers. The performance was a tribute to Sister Sr Arlene’s passion for the arts and her unwavering commitment to fostering creativity among the students.
The sumptuous spread featured a wide variety of dishes, satisfying the taste buds of all attendees. In her closing remarks, Sr. Arlene expressed her gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming love she received on her birthday.
The event will undoubtedly remain etched in the memories of all who attended as a symbol of the love and respect they have for Sister.

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