School Picnic at Ignite Adventure Park for classes VI – VIII

A school picnic was organised for the students of class 6 to 8 on 27th and 28th September respectively in Ignite Adventure Park which is situated in the serenity of the arrival hills. The most awaited day in the student's life was well spent as all the students danced laughed and explored with their friends and teachers. Various fun activities and games were planned to make the day more memorable.

Adventurous activities like zip line, roll ball, tug of war and many more were conducted under the supervision of the teachers and trainers. To beat the heat of scorching sun a pool party was also conducted where the students enjoyed a lots plashing water. To make the experience unforgettable one a dance party was conducted in the end. Altogether it was a memorable experience for teachers and students where the bond was strengthened even more.


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