SIMUN – Sophia International Model United Nations

On 5th December 2023 students of Sophia Sr. Sc. School got a chance to be a part of a mock session of MUN i.e. SIMUN, with SIMUN our talented delegates stepped into the shoes of ambassadors, representing their assigned countries in a committee of UNSC i.e. United Nations Security Council. The Council was chaired by Medha Arora and Jiya Ramchand-ani and witnessed the formulation of heated debates among the delegates on the agenda – DELIBERATION UPON THE RUSSIAN –UKRAINE conflict visa –versa analysing the changing context of countries military alliances.

The event came into being with the presence of Manager Sr. Francetta, Principal Sr. Arlene and Vice Principal- Sr. Lily, witnessed by the brilliant students of classes 9 – 12. It began with a prayer followed by the speech of Patron-in – Chief Ma,am Kaamini Kachhawa and opening of the session by Secretary- General Sr. Arlene.

The participants were awarded with a recognition memento and certificates.

Astha Yadav was announced as Best Journalist, and Achint Kaur as Best delegate, high Commendation –Aliya Khan and special mention – Titiksha Singh.

A random quiz was also conducted for the audience to educate them with the knowledge of the United Nations preceded by a message bearing song by the choir.

Sr. Arlene then declared the session closed and the event came to an end jewelled by the National Anthem.

Overall, it was able to serve its purpose by educating the young minds about the functioning of the United Nations.

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