Message Alumni President


“Connecting dots
I am the smallest dot on the map of Sophia history
Would you like to be the next dot ?

A very Happy New Year 2023 dear alumni!

Sophia is a global family and we wish to connect to all our sophians , wherever they are. Centenary year was one such occasion, when we connected with each other but let us continue this life long relationship through a strong networking.

Let us begin the year with hope . To see the happy faces and hear the happy voices in 2023, of those who have made this concrete structure alive by their presence. Yes, I am talking about you , dear alumni.

I would like to appreciate all the effort done by you for the society and school and thank you for justifying the years that you have spent at this institution . We , the alumni wish you to plan your visit batchwise to your almamater and notice various changes that your institution has gone through after you passed out from the school.

It was a small institution which began with a very small number but because of the dedication by its sisters ,teachers and the passion which you dear alumni have shown to learn, has earned a name for your school.

I would like to praise the multiple roles you have taken in the society as advocates ,artists ,scientists, doctors, actors ,engineers ,teachers etc. and giving back to society what you have gained from school, selflessly.

This is the true mark of a sophian , who has always been disciplined, who has wisdom to discern what is right, who has strength of conviction, values of sharing and caring, values of kindness honesty ,compassion and above all tolerance . Besides this every sophian has a strong will to be a leader but yes , a leader with confidence and conscience.

Each one of you I believe derives strength from Sophia, its elixir of life . We hope this year gives more strength and meaning to your life.

We wish to connect the dots i.e YOU. Connect to your almamater ,register yourself, give back to Sophia in any form, you can write articles ,you can send information about yourself,your work ,awards won if any,you can conduct seminars for our children or donate in any form. Your work will be acknowledged.

Stay connected!

God bless

Swati Rathore


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