English Literary Club – SSPARKS

AIM: The Literary Club is on a committed mission to amplify all the thought provoking voices of students and to help them realise their ideas. The club creates an artistic atmosphere for its members to illustrate their talents into skills and a conducive environment that helps them hone their skills and broaden their intellectual calibre. Students are encouraged to develop reading habits thereby enabling them to form independent opinions and put them forward freely.


  • Organising and preparing the students for multiple public speaking and quiz competitions at school and inter school level.
  • Hosting group discussions on current
  • Conducting creative and poetry writing
  • Organising a musical play to encourage the young

Teacher Incharges      :           Mrs. Swati Rathore, Ms. Vanessa Nazareth, Mrs. Aabshar David,

                                                  Mrs. Diya Manghani, Mrs. Anita D’Costa, Mrs. Shirley Robinson


Hindi Literary Club – ABHIDA

Aim: Hindi Club aims to inculcate a sense of pride for our mother tongue as well as to make students acquire proficiency in Hindi language.


  • To offer students opportunities to appreciate different types of literature, increase the knowledge about Hindi writers or literary figures and their classics.
  • To motivate students to spread the essence of national language
  • To create interest in students for the language and to encourage their creativity in oral and writing

Teacher Incharges      :           Mrs. Deepa Mathur, Ms. Urmila Rawat, Mrs. Sudesh Sharma,

                                                  Mrs. Beena Mishra


Math Club – Number Ninjas

AIM: Math Club provide an opportunity for the students to discover Mathematics through doing. It provides an opportunity to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. It makes the learning process interesting and purposeful and helps them to develop power of Observation.


  • To provide readily accessible rich manipulative materials to emphasis on “learning by doing”.
  • To develop an attitude of
  • Remove the weakness of present-day mathematics
  • To develop much needed confidence in
  • To generate interest in the
  • To make the students divergent
  • To make the children to look for pattern and ask

Teacher Incharges      :           Mrs. Jaya Toshniwal, Mr. Sahil Alfred, Mrs. Richa Joshi, Mrs. Sunita Sharma,

                                                  Mrs. Deepali Saxena, Ms. Anurita Verma


Science Club – Curious Minds

AIM: To promote consciousness and awareness about science and technology among the club members.


To enhance public understanding of science, technology and environment.

  • To encourage creative and innovative activities among science club
  • To encourage exchange of ideas and cooperation among the science club
  • To build movement against

Teacher Incharges      :           Mr. Sudhir Tomar, Mrs. Geetanjali Agarwal, Mrs. Manisha Bhatia, Mr. Piyush

                                                    Kumawat, Mrs. Jyotsna Chauhan, Mrs. Rennet Jackson, Mrs. Shabnam Clement

Entrepreneurs Club – Tycoon


AIM: To help students acquire the abilities they will need for future personal and professional development. Instead of creating job seekers, it attempts to produce job providers.


The primary goal of the entrepreneurship course is to instill in students a sense of initiative, inventiveness, self-reliance, and passion that will enable them to become entrepreneurs in both spirit and deed.

Teacher Incharges      :           Mrs. Monica Chattree, Mrs. Anu Satsangi


Environmental Club – Climate Crew

AIM: To develop a sense of love and responsibility among students for nature.


To bring awareness in students about sensitive environmental issues.

To develop conservation habits in students and through them spread the message to their families and society to use resources wisely and judiciously.

Teacher Incharges      :           Mrs. Shweta Sharma, Mrs. Kamini Kachhawa, Mrs. Caroal Lourie,

                                                    Mrs. Rennet Jackson, Mrs. Poonam Sindhu



Aim: Computers today form an integral part of our lives. There’s very little that we can do without computers. Computers and computer chips are today embedded in just about everything that we use, from cars to washing machines, to watches and alarm clocks. The cyber club aims to increase students’ awareness of computers and their uses in our daily life, with a view to prepare citizens of tomorrow who are better suited to deal with information technology.


  • Provide computer support for all school events.
  • Help make presentations for various school functions.
  • Increase awareness of computers amongst students.
  • Make students aware of the uses of information technology with a view to better prepare him to handle information enabled devices tomorrow.
  • Organise computer-based competitions.
  • Inter school participation at National and International levels for science based competitions.

Teacher Incharges       :          Mrs. Monica Vashistha, Mrs. Shailee Jain, Mrs. Ashwarya Rathore,

                                                  Mrs. Charu Tejwani, Ms. Akanksha Maheshwari


Psychology Club – MIGHTY MINDS

AIM: The purpose of the Psychology Club is to conduct activities to orient students towards psychological well-being, which facilitates a better understanding of the self and the environment. To spread awareness about psychology among students and to create a setting where students can explore their personality.


  • To increase the understanding of the students about the subject of psychology and its related
  • To organize programs and provide information regarding the vast career opportunities in
  • To facilitate interaction among the students, enrich their social experiences and give them an idea of the outside world.
  • To provide a proper platform for the students to explore and share their ideas and
  • To strengthen the presence of psychology in the campus by conduction guest lectures and showcasing psychology related films.
  • To reach out to as many as people possible and help them if they need any

Teacher Incharges      :           Mrs. Charu Tiwari, Ms. Charvi, Mrs. Priyanka Gupta

Sports Club – TITANS

AIM: To encourage and motivate students to involve in various sports activities at both inter and intra school level. The Titans Club is committed to provide a healthy sports habit among the students. It helps to learn teamwork at work, coordination among diverse cultural and ethnic groups and mainly infuses discipline and instils the value system in one individual.


  • To build up sportsmanship
  • To reduce stress and improve health
  • To improve skills and enhance
  • To support in developing positive attitude, self-confidence, courage and
  • To avail the opportunity to meet the people from different walks of life.

Teacher Incharges     :        Mr. Silvaster Simon, Ms. Aarti Sharma, Mrs. Reena Samuel

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