Food and Nutrition for Gen Z

Resource Person- Miss Namrata Chouhan

A session was held by Miss Namrata Chouhan discussing the importance of healthy food and nutrition for children of Classes 3 to 5.
She emphasized the significance of following a balanced diet to ensure optimal health and growth. She also stressed the importance of eating regular meals throughout the day.
Throughout her presentation, she engaged the children by asking them questions about their own eating habits .
She explained the importance of playing outdoor games, following a proper bedtime routine, ensuring dental hygiene etc. Emphasis was given on the concept of junk food and its negative impact on health.
She also provided practical examples of healthy swaps that students could make to replace junk food with nutritious alternatives.

She talked about the need to limit screen time, including TV, computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Depending on the age and maturity level of the students, she provided basic information about menstruation, including what it is, when it typically starts, and how to manage it with appropriate hygiene products and a healthy diet.

By covering these topics, Miss Namrata provided the students with valuable information and practical tips for promoting their health and well-being at present and in future.

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