Principal’s Message for August 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian

We have entered into a new month, a new day with new opportunities and chances to live anew. Yesterday has passed, today is in hand and tomorrow is what we can mend…….to make it something different from what we have learnt from our flaws, imperfections and hardships.

August is often associated with energy and vitality. Nature too, co-operates in this change by blooming into its best through the enhancement of the beauty in flora and fauna. Rains have nourished giving mother earth a green look with hills and flourishing plains, sprouting in its varied colours and intensity. The oceans and seas breed in new life with the sea creatures increasing in myriads and invite the humans to sail and fish for their living. Human life too experiences a change of life within and without, in the form of climatic changes, routine of work, eating habits and a strong need to work towards a healthy life.

This month, also fosters a strong loyalty towards the nation as India celebrates its Independence Day, a time to salute the national leaders and those who have been instrumental in creating an atmosphere of freedom and secularity, for us to breath and live. Our forefathers with their keen insight have drafted a constitution to thrive on the fundamental rights, rights of every person to live to its full, in mind and body and not to be a threat to others. Although we are privileged to be Indians as we face no barriers of social, religious, political or economic strains, yet today we see, we have watered down the spirit of our forefathers and have dampened their ideas of building a nation of justice, freedom and equality. The political rivalry has been forcefully sown in the life of every person nurturing religious discord and bringing disaster to life and living.

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